Monday, September 12, 2011

A Year? Seriously?

I haven't blogged for a whole year? Why the hell not?
Oh yeah...
Overworking- I worked 93 hours of overtime last fall only to find I can only bank 78 hours, so I got a nice paycheck in December.  Not what I was planning.
My dad died in February. I cared for him while in hospice at home & trying to work full-time.  That's a couple posts on their own.
My mom struggled with cancer most of the winter. I did most of her appointments.  When my Dad died, I left my house, my cats & my life behind. I renovated the second floor in her house,& made an "apartment". The doors keep cat contained but I have no running water, no functioning bath or kitchen. I use the downstairs bath & kitchen for my needs.
Did I say "cat"?  Yeah, that's because I put Dhaimhnhait down in September- mass on liver probably malignant, but she was incontinent & unable to eat. Tough call but right call.
Cujo went blind from a hypertensive episode in November. He coped pretty well on medication. When I moved in to take care of my Dad, my neighbor took care of the kitties for me. I hustled beyond belief to make my "apartment" safe for a blind cat & moved in with kitties. Cujo deteriorated rapidly. Despite giving him SQ fluids to support his kidneys, he declined so rapidly I had him put to sleep in April right after I moved. 
My house stood alone & unoccupied for a few months. My son lost his job & moved back, so at least the house has a caretaker. 
My son & his wife presented me with my first grandchild.  A welcome addition to the family after a round of grief & loss, she is the apple of my eye.  I try and see her at least twice a month if possible.

So now my free time is completely revolved around medical appointments, cleaning & care, and compensating to my remaining cat for locking her in a small apartment 15 hours a day alone. And compensating to the 91 year old with advanced & severe osteoarthritis, advanced & severe GERD & loss of spouse of 64 years. 

I try not to think about life too much.
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