Monday, October 11, 2010


Well, we had a celebration for my sister's 25th anniversary 6 months after the actual date. That pretty much guarantees that she'd never suspect a thing.

Good turnout of cousins and friends. I've had a lot of good feedback and few complaints, so it's a good thing (as Martha would say).

 The kids helped to decorate and did a damn good job. They got really into it.
Good cousin turnout.
 My camera sucks for these indoor things.

The kids were delighted that all their cousins were together.  They were very well-behaved.  The boys were delighted when I told them the fruit and cheese was self-serve. They complimented the waitresses on how nicely presented it was.   I ordered chicken strips and fries for the kids.  When Ted heard, he made a beeline for their table and scavenged for a bit.  They were highly entertained and happy to share. Some things never change.

We took the opportunity to take some family photos while we were all gathered together.




 Four generations.  The aunties, sibs, offspring, significants and of course the nextNEXT generation.

Siblings & Spouses.

 The music was on but my son turned it down-everyone was having too much fun visiting.

 Maras mugging.

 The next generation.
 Friends and family mixed well.

So, despite all the crazy technical glitches, the actual day went smoothly.  Everyone was happy to have an occasion to gather that did not include a eulogy.  And that's what it's all about:)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog or bullets?

I have blogged less and less over time. I initially started my blog when I was in school, to catalogue my journey. I have maybe 4 readers. I don't care. I do it for me not for attention. I don't have to prove to anyone else that I can write or that I am clever. I know what I am.
I've had great pleasure using the social network FB. I can post in bullets and communicate in realtime. I have access to a wider network of folk whom I enjoy communicating with. It's easier to post bullets than to elaborate-but it's the elaboration, the essay format that actually helps me process.
I can sum up my blog entirely in bullets as recurring themes
1. I am tired. Always.
2. I work too much and don't have much fun
3. My house is a bit beyond my ability to take care of
4. Plow guys are fickle.
5. My cats dominate my life.
6. I would do anything for my family.
7. Harry Potter rocks.
8. My neighbors are nuts.
9. My family is nuts.
10. I snatch what beauty I can in moments and savour them for what they are.
So- do I end it here & keep to the bullet format?
I'm not sure.
I have been vastly entertained by JSmooth's Fun Facts-he says he will stop at 1000.
I am considering doing them myself and stopping at 1000.
I will see.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I can't believe how seldom I post now. Ever since I took up this job I am in, I have expended all my energy on it. A very demanding clientele that is seldom pleased with anything, techs with poor habits resistant to change, management that is less than helpful...
I have spent many hours of unpaid overtime cleaning, clearing, organizing and bringing the site into-well I wouldn't call it compliance but a reasonable facsimile.
Days off have been medical appointments (certainly not for me), visits to ill relatives,and keeping up with the house. Shoveling is a pastime. Kitty litter (we average 30 lbs per week) is another.
My fun activities- well, the jewelry-making is pleasant and those I have gifted seem pretty pleased with my results. I had dinner with some former co-workers & that made me happier than I have been in a long time. I took the nieces to the theatre in an eventful and delightful, magical night. And I have been precepting a practical lab at my college, which is surprisingly re-energizing.
Taking on another work commitment may seem crazy, but the interaction with students has been very very stimulating. I remember being so nervous in school but not so clueless-although I am sure I must have been.:)
I have a membership to Netflix and find I hold onto movies an average of 3 weeks before getting to watch it-not really cost-effective, but I don't have the heart to stop the service quite yet.:P
Anyway-my days off aren't always restful, but when I feel the immune system kicking in, I have no choice but to lay very low. There's been quite a run of nice weather & I got a good portion of my garden weeded, mulched & neatened.
Today was icky & rainy & I was extremely tired from a bad week. I am watching movies today, snuggling with the kitties & laying low. Not good meat for a post, but there it is.
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