Saturday, April 17, 2010


I can't believe how seldom I post now. Ever since I took up this job I am in, I have expended all my energy on it. A very demanding clientele that is seldom pleased with anything, techs with poor habits resistant to change, management that is less than helpful...
I have spent many hours of unpaid overtime cleaning, clearing, organizing and bringing the site into-well I wouldn't call it compliance but a reasonable facsimile.
Days off have been medical appointments (certainly not for me), visits to ill relatives,and keeping up with the house. Shoveling is a pastime. Kitty litter (we average 30 lbs per week) is another.
My fun activities- well, the jewelry-making is pleasant and those I have gifted seem pretty pleased with my results. I had dinner with some former co-workers & that made me happier than I have been in a long time. I took the nieces to the theatre in an eventful and delightful, magical night. And I have been precepting a practical lab at my college, which is surprisingly re-energizing.
Taking on another work commitment may seem crazy, but the interaction with students has been very very stimulating. I remember being so nervous in school but not so clueless-although I am sure I must have been.:)
I have a membership to Netflix and find I hold onto movies an average of 3 weeks before getting to watch it-not really cost-effective, but I don't have the heart to stop the service quite yet.:P
Anyway-my days off aren't always restful, but when I feel the immune system kicking in, I have no choice but to lay very low. There's been quite a run of nice weather & I got a good portion of my garden weeded, mulched & neatened.
Today was icky & rainy & I was extremely tired from a bad week. I am watching movies today, snuggling with the kitties & laying low. Not good meat for a post, but there it is.

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