Thursday, December 14, 2006


Ohmigod, it is SOOOOOOO good to not be hustling for a few weeks.
I am sleeping well, eating well, and ok, most nights I indulge in a good shiraz.

What the hell- no exams, no rotation... I actually went to a CE course on hyponatremia last night, and yes, Sou, I could follow the whole thing (I wasn't rubbing thighs under the table with cute Greeks!). But the best part was hanging with my homies, Chris and Chris. How sad is this- we spoke very enthusiastically about the benefits of Vytorin. DiPiro rocks!

Today I spent a few hours distracting my pals at the American Cancer Society- I popped in to the office and did one on one with a number of former coworkers, including my sweet boss Z. I came armed with macadamia nut candy, and it was such a great visit-
haven't seen these folks in two years!!!

And now I believe you deserve more pictures from Hawaii. Enjoy, my peeps!

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