Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One Flew Over

I am doing a rotation at a psych facility, and the intricacies of the
human mind are mesmerizing. I am in a group of students for the first
time, and I am so enjoying the different perspectives they bring. The
opportunities for learning something new have been myriad, and being
able to bounce this stuff off other students is so cool. We do a lot of
presentations, which I do enjoy, and go to a lot of meetings like
Pharmacy & Therapeutics, and Team meetings.
Today I had to lead
a group discussion and one person had to leave because the social
worker came, but I heard the patient comment to her "It's ok, that was a sucky group!" Yeah, just try to lead a bunch of people with varying cognitive function into agreement that taking your meds is a good thing- especially when the meds wreak havoc on your systems and make you fat, dopey, and sleepy (and the staff has no problem with this!).
I am pretty sure it was a sucky group, but we all really tried.

It is so cold here. I had to warm up my little buckwheat pillow and I am toasting my feet before getting back to work. More research, more writing. Eight weeks of clinicals left- the light is at the end of the tunnel!
I got a letter from the college and didn't open it right away becasue I thought it was a non-bill again. Apparently, I made the Dean's List for fall semester. I wasn't even thinking about that! Woo Hoo! Ditto pointed out that after struggling my way through all the sciences, I am getting excellent grades in the part where you have to act like a pharmacist. Add my Phi Sigma Lambda induction to that and I guess it's been a good start to the final year. If I can only keep my nose clean until NAPLEX I'll be ok, but I won't relax til the NAPLEX score is in hand.
Two solid job offers and a few good leads...What a great field pharmacy is!

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