Friday, May 25, 2007

Counting to thirty

Last Monday was my first day as a pharmacist. As usual in my life, a post-it note with a message "a graduate pharmacist is starting Monday" was my introduction in the new job. The computer system is one I have used before (and hated), but the float pharmacist working with me gave me a mnemonic that made the system "click" and now I am negotiating it so much better.
MT FEET HURT. Really hurt. Of all the things I could have inherited from my Dad, I got his varicose veins and crappy circulation (but thank you God for omitting the nose). Considering all the things that pharmacy entails, it's frustrating that I am so focused on my feet. But I am.
My favorite problem was a lady who wanted a refill on a prescription; we looked in her record and in the system, but no luck. "Did you have this filled somewhere else? "Canada." Apparently the psychic pharmacy crystal ball is supposed to be able to find any prescription previously filled anywhere else in the world and magically transfer it and fill it yesterday. I give it about three weeks til I get that good:)

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