Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day Nine- Shannon and Home

Up early- no coffee.

We got up really early to pack; we didn't even try having tea or coffee in the room, but no sign of insects, thank God. It was raining steadily; we headed south on the N18 and arrived in Shannon pretty quickly. We gave back the car and got a shuttle to the terminal. We headed upstairs to the restaurant. The boys were happy to get a last full Irish breakfast; I got yogurt and fruit. Once the check-in opened, we got in line, checked the baggage, and headed up to shop. Ironically, we did more shopping in the airport than we did on the entire trip.

Bren decided to buy whiskey at the duty-free, when he voiced this, a little old lady came over and offered him a sample. He had three shots before we boarded. They found poitin- which is legal now, apparently- and bought some for Buck. We were shopping maniacs until they called out flight.

The flight home was uneventful. I know I dozed off for at least an hour. I watched a movie and part of a second. When I woke up, we were over the ocean, the sun was out- and there was ICE beneath us. I had to take some pictures.

When we landed, we were through customs really fast. Bren had a beer while we waited for our ride. A local TV station wanted to interview us about baggage, but we all declined. Kate met us with my car, but declined to ride home with us. All three of us voted not to have me drive, so Bren drove home, then Dan drove him home and went back to Boston. My kitties were very happy to have me home. And I was glad to be back.

That is ICE down there!

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