Thursday, June 05, 2008

Photos Day Six- Kylemore Abbey, Rossaveal Ferry, Kilronan, Inish Mor (Aran Islands)

Kylemore Abbey overlooking Loch Fee

The Entry

The Entry faces the mountains; a dramatic front door for the boys to pose before.

I did say dramatic front door...

I love the details...

Oh yes, and there's a big huge mountain behind it, too!

The formal Victorian gardens are being slowly restored.

The kitchen gardens grow everything the nuns need, including fruit trees.
The grounds were meant to be completely self-sustaining.

On the ferry, from Rossaveal, looking toward Inis Mor.

That's the ferry on the far right.
This is the pier at Kilronan.

Walking up from town to our B&B, An Crugan.

Monument to the sailors and fishermen.

The marketplace by the pier; note the High Cross in the background.


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