Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Footprints in the Snow

I woke up really early on Saturday because I had to work and it had been snowing when I went to bed. I let Sorcha out while I thawed my english muffin, and went out with her to warm my car up. I decided to clean the windows of snow and enjoy the morning.
I noticed that there were footprints in the snow. I looked at them and realized they went right up to my car's doors and did not walk past and out to the street. I looked more carefully and deduced very quickly- a car had pulled in sometime in the night. Someone got out and tried first the passenger, then the driver side doors to get into my car. Unsuccessful, he/she headed toward the back yard where my neighbors' cars are. The light on the motion sensor must have sprung to life, because the footprints stop and the car backed up, he/she got in and it drove off.
I called the local police and they investigated and pretty much concurred with my deduction.
I guess I am lucky because they didn't smash anything, they didn't try and break into my house and nobody is hurt. But it put me greatly ill at ease for the whole day, and I ended up being so jumpy. Every time my friend entered the IV room, I jumped, and I cut my fingers three times on syringes and glass ampules.
People who assault other people's belongings and violate their security suck.
I know they won't get caught, but I hope their karma catches up to them.

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