Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pearls without wisdom

A big thing in our learning is the professors imparting what they call "Clinical Pearls". These are things that don't make it into the books but are imparted by persons with more clinical experience and are based on years of observation. Some of my experience as a mom, as a player in the public health in my community, or as a social worker gave me a boost that many of our students didn't have, but frankly, my experience didn't help me a lot in school, so hopefully it will in practice.
Anyhow, pearls were always a big thing when I was younger- few people I knew owned real pearls, but almost all the women had fake pearl necklaces. Some people had pearl earrings. A Southern belle type moved into our neighborhood and wore her pearls all the time- we got a kick out of that. Then at Christmas in '86 when my dad had his really big heart attack and we didn't think he'd make it, we kicked into high gear. He had just started painting the house's interior, so we did it all. And for Christmas, he and Mom gave all three of us pearl necklaces. I was so shocked I couldn't even talk. They were so beautiful- like they are alive. The lucre, the sheen and polish was so lovely. And it gets more beautiful the more you wear them- the oils from your skin polish the lucre on the pearl. I don't wear them as much as I should but I wear them as often as I think of it.
My friend Melissa worked at a jewelry supply company for a while and learned how to make all kinds of cool stuff (she is sooo talented, she is Martha Stewart without the attitude!) She used a lot of glass beads and pearls, and her earrings and necklaces were so nice I started buying them for presents.
When I went to Hawaii, Kate took me to this store that sells pearls that are irregular shapes and sizes; some are dyed. I liked them so much I bought a handful, then the next day I went back and bought more.
I wanted to have Melissa make me earrings for Christmas gifts, but she has a new job and was too busy. She told me what to buy for supplies and how to make them. My mom was very ill and was in the hospital for four days, so I didn't get to it before Christmas. Right after, I took out the stuff and gradually I got the knack. The other night, I talked to my sis for an hour or so, and I whipped out 8 pair of earrings while we chatted.
I liked the funky, irregular ones the best. The colors were stupendous- some were bright and some just subtle. I made several pair for me too-I didn't buy myself any souvenirs, so this is my treat.
So I have yet another new avocation-I can make some pretty nice earrings. I should be studying and doing more of my school work, but I had my fling with pearls, and now I can turn my attention to tyrosine kinase inhibitors with a fresh outlook and a clear conscience.

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