Thursday, January 04, 2007

Information Diva

This is totally funny to me but I have a new occupation. I was messing around on Yahoo a few days ago and I saw this thing called Yahoo Answers where people can ask questions and everyone can answer. Some of them were totally smartass and some very practical. So I posed a question about stale chocolate and then surfed a bit. I answered a question I saw, and then another, and then a few more. The next day I looked on my email and was told that out of seven questions I answered, four of them were chosen as Best Answer by the asker.

So that piqued my interest some more and I went on again last night and did a few more. I had three more best answers by this evening.

My favourite was one I did today about how to throw a tea party for 12 ten-year olds. I channeled Mrs. Aloysius Smythe III, for those of you who remember my famous tea party back when I did day care for Heidi's kids. I would be proud to have the Mrs. be my next best answer. She was, after all, one of my greatest creations.

So check out the Yahoo Answers - under my skier nick- sceanaim- and say hello to the Mrs.

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