Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Resolutions

Yeah yeah everyone makes 'em and breaks 'em. Usually I avoid them.
But I hereby declare that in '07 I shall:
  • Drink more water. I never drink enough water, and now I understand how important H2O is biologically.
  • Eat more fruit. I eat my veggies pretty often but I need to eat more fruit.
  • Take my calcium. I know that if you have osteoarthritis (and I do), you don't get osteoporosis, but I also know I don't metabolize minerals properly. Calcium is absorbed best along with food and the recommended daily requirement is 1200 milligrams and 400 International Units of Vitamin D for a woman my age (somewhere between the Age of Aquarius and the age when I can collect Social Security!). If I take one tablet in the morning and one with dinner, I can get the rest in my diet, since most of my proteins come from cheeses & legumes.
  • Take my iron at least five times a week. Normal people look at iron as a drain clogger. Me, it's the opposite- it passes through me so fast, I can barely function on it. However, my hematocrit is a struggle to keep above 25. I feel better when my crit is up; I like having energy. I need the help of the mineral to get there.
OK that's a good start. I want to add in walk more and add weight-bearing and stretches, but for the next few months I face a commute in the dark both ways and regular is a word that won't happen until graduation. So for now we start on building healthy cells and energy. And that's a good start to a starting year.

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